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Mia's lines

Parents, pedigree and misc photos


Mia came to us from LisaraDolls

and I am forever grateful to

Maartinka for sending so much

beauty and love into my life

PL* Refection Biscuit
is an absolutely glorious

chocolate high mitted bicolor.

It was truly love at first sight

when I laid eyes on this incredibly 

regal and gorgeous cat.

From Mia's very first litter,

I could see his face and features

and his incredibly gentle loving

nature in her kittens.
Maartinka told me from the first

conversation that Mia was truly

a replica of her father

in both beauty and character.

I am so very blessed to have her

and I never ever forget that.


Mia's mother is 

PL* Reflection Olivia

and incredible blue point

mitted queen with

piercing blue eyes. 

She has a wonderful ear set and

gorgeous silky coat.

Her ears and overall striking

quality and look

is easy to spot for any

Reflection Ragdoll lover.
We send her love and gratitude

for carrying our beloved queen

into this world.

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