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Our Favorites & Shopping List

Our families always want to know

our favorite products and

what we use here at home

for our parents and babies.

So we've created this page for

easy access to all the products

we love and use daily. 

We hope this page helps.

Happy Shopping!

The photos below are links to 

everything we use and recommend.

Click on any photo and

you'll be taken to the

product page to find

more information

and the chance to

purchase the products.

Nutrition is everything

To us, nutrition really is everything.


I would much

rather spend money

on the best quality food

now and not on

visits to the Vet later.

We often hear that
our kittens are
exceptionally healthy looking

with gorgeous coats
and are strong, happy

and active.

This all starts with what we feed them and their moms.

Choosing high
quality dry food has
become more challenging
than ever.

When reading labels

the ingredients

are listed from

highest ingredient

to lowest amount

found in the pet food.

The top 5 ingredients

are the most important.


Please do not pay
ridiculously high prices
for foods filled with peas

in the first 5 ingredients
claiming to be high protein.

First, we will share

premium foods with

more affordable options

listed just after,
as we are realistic 
that not all families
want or can afford the

price tag of very

high quality foods.
If you can afford to,
we recommend adding
at least a small
amount of the premium

foods with the more

modest options
to give you kitten the

best nutrition possible.

hills kitten.jpg



Scratching Post

A scratching post is essential!

Cats need to scratch

to shed their claws

and this post is by
far the best

we've ever found.

It is BIG

Perfect for Ragdolls,

it is wonderfully solid

and sturdy.


Strong and stable enough for your baby to climb it and long enough to give them a full body stretch when they scratch. 


Every kitten and cat
we have absolutely
loves this post!

And they will

never outgrow it.

Worth every penny!




Litter and Boxes

Litter should 

always be


We recommend using our litter for at least the first week with your baby. Keeping products the same in the first week helps transition your little one to your home.

cats pride.jpg

Kittens are ready
for full size litter pans

Don't waste your money on
small litter boxes.
Ragdolls grow quickly!





We have and 

absolutely love

the Litter Robot.

For us it is a must!

All of the babies learn to use both the robot and boxes.


While there are many mats
on the market to collect scattered cat litter,
we like to make sure
nothing will discourage
your kitten from using
the litter box.
So we recommend using
a small shag rug.
The high pile fluff
captures scattered
litter and helps keep
your kittens feet clean 
without the unpleasant
texture of many mats.
These are lifesavers
for hardwood floors.

Toys! Toys! Toys!


A wand toy is the best
when first introducing
your baby to your family.
Especially with children.

And lots of our babies

learn to fetch really

easily.  They love 

the interaction

with their people!






We prefer to use very
gentle tools for grooming.
Our Ragdolls have gorgeous
coats and harsh toold like slickers and metal combs
can damage their fur.

We use a boar bristle brush
and a regular soft plastic 
comb made for
human hair.

We've found these are 
excellent choices
for maintaining the 
coats of all of our cats
and kittens.


Cat Trees
are every cats
most important possession!
They are 

to your cat

(and will protect furniture!)

Cat trees offer your kitten
a sense of security and 
a sense of their very
own home within
your home. Especially
when you're away from
the house or busy doing
other things.

While felt or fleece covered
trees are less expensive,
they shed relentlessly
and tend to be much less
stable.  They also will 
need replaced frequently,
especially for large
breed cats like
our Ragdolls.

Investing in a high quality
tree made of real wood
and real carpet
is the best gift
you can give your
new kitten and they will
last for many many years.
So while they seem
expensive at first glance,
they save money over the life
of your kitten as they will
not need replaced
once a year as cheaper
options will need.

Placed next to a window,
one of these trees
will be your cats favorite spot
when they can not
be next to you!
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