Welcome to our Adoption

Information page

If you are interested in reserving a

kitten from our August 2022 litters,

please fill out our application

and we will be interviewing families.
I'm afraid we are completely

reserved until then.

We have never seen such a high

demand and so much interest in the

adoption of one of our babies so

please, please be patient.

We are receiving on average ten

applications a day.

The physical care and love of our

adults and kittens is the most

important aspect of our breeding.

When we have babies, our time and

energy  must be devoted  to our

babies, their moms and daddy and

to their families. 

When you are waiting for your kitten

I know you'll want

the same for your baby.

Thank you for understanding

and for your patience.

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Read what our families have to say!

All of our kittens are blue eyed

and pointed.

We do not breed mink or other

non-traditional ragdolls.

We're expecting kittens that look

very much like the ones on this page

as well as like Mia

and of course our

handsome king Giovanni,

and don't forget gorgeous girls,

Dulce and Delilah,

and our home grown Godiva,

so please follow us on Facebook and

Instagram for announcements!

For more information email me at


If you've found your way here, I am guessing you've spent some time learning about this incredible cat breed.


They are not like other cats. Known as the "puppies" of the cat world, Ragdolls prefer to be with their humans as much as possible.  They will follow you from room to room and help no matter what it is you're doing!  They are large, strong, extremely docile and gentle, wonderful with children and other pets.  Some can even be trained to fetch and do some other tricks if you'd like to put in the time with them! 

We breed to maintain the integrity of the breed.  Conformation of the breed, gorgeous blue eyes, large strong body, that well shaped head, profile, bunny like fur and the Ragdoll's famous personality are our top priorities when breeding.

We've also chosen to breed for blue eyed

colorpoint babies only. 

When you bring one of our beloved kittens into your home, you will receive a FIVE year genetic health guarantee, TICA registration, microchip and your new baby will be spayed/neutered, litter trained, appropriately wormed and will have received the first two vaccinations.  We will also send a bag of the food the kittens are eating home with them.  As part of our guarantee we require an appointment with your veterinarian within 3 days of your kitten leaving us, so please make that appointment when you reserve your kitten! 

We hope you understand that we are

a closed cattery. This is for the health and

safety of all of our cats and kittens.

Meaning we do not allow visits.  Most catteries operate this way to make sure that all of our kittens and adult cats stay completely healthy and that virus and parasites are not brought into our home from another cattery, as many are highly contagious and easily carried on clothing and shoes. This is not negotiable as we have no way of knowing if you have visited other catteries prior to visiting us. 


We will, however, communicate with you on a regular basis posting videos and photos and sending them to you if that is easier than looking for them online.  We are happy to do live videos or Facetime as well so you can see your baby in real time and make sure you really get to watch your kitten grow! Photos and videos will be posted at least once a week.


We realize this can be a difficult waiting period, but it is so easy for disease to be spread from one cattery to another and because we never know if a family has visited a different cattery before their visit to us, we simply must protect our precious babies. Thank you for understanding.

Our kittens go home between 12 and 14 weeks old.  We hold them this long to make sure their immune system is strong and that they are completely healed from their spay/neuter.  And to ensure proper socialization which mean you will have a confident outgoing happy kitten.


We realize rescues and other breeders may let their kittens go home at a younger age, but that is often out of necessity or to save money (caring for kittens from 8 to 12 weeks is quite expensive) and it is not what's best for kittens.  They are continuing their socialization and these last weeks with their Mom and their siblings is crucial.  So please understand.  They build confidence and independence and you will have a very well socialized kitten with less chance of behavioral issues. We will not make exceptions to this rule.

Know that our babies don't go to just anyone.  We love and adore every single one and the first step in adoption is filling out our application.  After that I like to have a short conversation with our adopters just to talk about expectations, answer any questions and get to know you a bit better. You can fill out the application easily right on your phone or computer and submit it instantly using the link below. 

Super easy!

Click Here for our
Kitten Application


Our kittens are $2000 for a family pet

(we do not sell breeding rights at this time)

Please read on to see all this cost includes!


Next comes a deposit to hold your kitten. 
We require a $500 non-refundable deposit
to reserve the kitten of your choice.

This covers their spay/neuter, microchip
and vaccinations.

The deposit is non-refundable,
so be sure you are ready for
the fur baby of your dreams!

All deposits may be forwarded to future litters.

All kittens will be spayed/neutered and microchipped prior to leaving us.  They will also receive their first two FVRCP vaccines so they will only need a rabies vaccine and their third core vaccine booster.

They will come with a 5 year genetic health guarantee. All of our parents are DNA tested and negative for HCM PDK1 as well as negative for FeLV and FIV. Of course your baby will also be wormed appropriately and will come with their food and toys.

Many of my families have shared that the cost of spay and neuter can be exorbitant on top of other vaccination vet visits and some have expressed they were uncomfortable giving any needed medications after the procedure so I want to provide all of this to my families so all you need to do is enjoy and love your new furbaby!


I was a registered nurse as my first career so I'm very comfortable helping the babies recover from their surgery. Keep this all in mind when comparing costs with other catteries. There is a link to our contract at the bottom of the page if you would like to review it.

We made a very conscious decision to breed only blue eyed, traditional Ragdolls and have imported very high quality Ragdolls to ensure healthy, diverse and traditional lines and kittens as our cattery grows. We also want very much to bring traditional chocolates and lilacs to our families, as they are difficult to find in the United States.

Our payment options are PayPal, Zelle and Venmo for placing deposits.  If you don't have either of these, we can send you an invoice from PayPal and you can pay with any credit or debit card without setting up an account.


We accept cash only for the remaining balance when you pick up your kitten, as we've learned recently of other breeders being victims of fraudulent PayPal and Venmo accounts. We hope you understand this decision and change in our policy.

We use a reservation system for our kittens and families. We prefer this system to a "waitlist" for a few reasons. 


First and most importantly this helps us to

focus our time and attention on the care

of  our kittens and cats.

There are many days when we

receive over 20 inquiries.

We simply can not interact with that many

messages each day and still give our

babies the time they deserve.

Socialization and good health

are our priorities and 

neither can be accomplished

without plenty of time!

At the same time, we never want to simply

NOT respond to anyone inquiring 

about a kitten.  So we feels it serves us, our kittens

and cats, our families and the public

much better if we are able to say

when we are open and when we are closed

to reservations and inquires for future kittens.


Our families also mean the world to us

and we need to be available to them especially as

they prepare for their furry love to arrive home

and for those first few weeks at home.

We choose this method because we also prefer

families that show patience and

plan for the arrival of their precious kitten.

We never ever sell to impulsive families.

A kitten is a lifetime commitment.
This waiting period allows us to get to know our

families very well which in turn helps

in the pairing of kitten to family.
This match is so very important

to the happiness of both our kittens

and our families which is always our goal.

You can have to most beautiful cat in the world

but if your personalities are not 

a good "fit" neither cat nor human will be happy.

So, for each litter expected, we take four deposits and those deposits guarantee that family a kitten from us. 

If we have more than four kittens per litter

(which usually happens)

then the person with first reservation on the next

reserved litter can move to the current litter.

That is strictly voluntary and if a family

is waiting for a specific color gender or pattern

they of course maintain the reservation

for their original planned litter.

Please understand, that if after one week of 

your verbally committing to a kitten,

if we have not received

a deposit, we must move on.

I can not continue to ask if families

are still interesting in a reservation,

because they almost always say yes

and yet most times, if a week

has passed without a commitment

I have come to realize 

there most likely will not be one.

So I'm afraid at that time

I must move on to other families

waiting for one of our babies.

Kittens will be chosen by families in the order that deposits are received. I accept only four deposits (two males and two females) before each litter is born.
If we are unable to provide the specific color/pattern reserved, that family will be moved to our next

litter if they so choose.

As time goes by and our reputation grows,

we have many many inquiries asking to have

a reservation held and then asking for extra time

to place their deposit.

While we completely understand needing a few days,

we simply can no longer wait weeks for

a deposit. During this "waiting" time

I have to tell many other that the spot they were

hoping for is no longer available and we

are unable to offer them a kitten. 

And then time after time, 

that deposit never comes and those families

who were perfect for one of our

beloved babies have moved on.

So we ask very kindly, in consideration

of all, that if you wish to reserve a baby from us

please be prepared. We ask this so when

we speak with a potential family

we have the best information possible.


We have decided to add another option, as many families would love a Ragdoll, but the cost is not in their budget.  We are going to roll out a brand new monthly payment option.  Kind of a savings account for the kitten you've been dreaming of.  You can make monthly payments to us and when you reach the cost of the kitten, then you get to pick your kitten! Please write to me for details on this option.  It is through PayPal so you are protected through their buyer protection program which is wonderful! If your kitten is not given to you from the litter born after completing payment, then PayPal will refund your money! You will be given your choice of the next litter born after any kitten we may decide to keep for the cattery.

Picking up your kitten!

We are just south of Pittsburgh, PA, so be aware of this and make sure you make arrangements to come and pick up your kitten.  If you live a long distance away, we will be willing to meet you part of the way, but we do charge for gas and tolls and those kittens will go home after the others have been picked up from our home.  This is because I will not leave babies at home alone for long periods of time.  Please discuss this with me and make arrangements prior to placing a deposit. Feel free to email me or text or call and we can decide and find a plan that works for all of us.  There are couriers available that will deliver your kitten to you.  If you would like to use that type of service, you will need to make those arrangements.


We do not fly our kittens alone.  There are many

couriers in the United States that specialize in

bringing your baby home to you.

If you would like to fly to our wonderful city and airport, we can meet you there if you would like. But the kitten must fly in the cabin with you.  NOT ever as cargo!! Please Google "Pet Friendly Airlines." Before making flight arrangements, make sure you check with your airline for their requirements for transporting pets.

As time goes on, I see more and more people on different social media platforms breeding "without papers" and I've read horror stories of kittens suffering and dying in the process.  First of all, I personally think this practice should be illegal.  It is illegal in other countries and unfortunately we do not protect animals like we should.  Please, please, please do not fall for those offering cheap kittens.  Or someone offering a low price because they claim that registration is too expensive.  I see one woman trolling Facebook offering kittens for $600 but if you want "papers" they are $2500.  What is that??? It only costs $15 to register a litter.  And if it's an actual cattery selling for a very low cost then they are cutting corners somewhere. I am seeing Ragdolls for sale that look nothing like a Ragdoll should and people complaining about their personalities.  Breeding is everything!

You may sometimes see a kitten is "on hold." This means that the kitten is under evaluation for show/breeding qualities.  Traditional Ragdolls  are born completely white and it takes weeks to determine their coloring and patterns at times.  We will change the status when the kitten becomes available.

The most up to date photos and video are on our Facebook page.  It's very time consuming to update the website and I need that time for the babies so we hope you will follow us on our Social Media pages.

The links are below!

Lastly, know that once you bring one of our kittens into your world, I am here for you forever for anything you need! No question is silly and I will help in any way needed!

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