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Our King and Queens


our Kings

is one of our

spectacular Kings

He comes to us from Italy,
*IT Gemme Preziose and we send

a million "Grazie" to Maria for

trusting us with her beloved boy.

We are honored. And we are

sooo in love with him.


for photos of Gio's parents
His father is PerlaDolls Mercury.

His mother Champion Selia Rhaenys.

He is loving and cuddly and a purr machine. His babies from previous litters are spectacular and carry his deep blue eyes, even in lilac coloring.

He is exceptionally handsome with incredible blue eyes, a gorgeous bunny coat and perfect strong body and head.

We are so blessed and thrilled to have this striking boy join our family

and breeding program.

He is a high mitted blue bicolor that carries chocolate and has produced many, many lilac babies. Our plans with our queens will bring our families seals, blues, chocolates and lilacs. 





is our young, gorgeous King


He is a chocolate point

lynx bicolor and is the 

absolute sweetest most

loving cat we've

ever met.

He gives kisses and hugs

and likes to spoon

at bedtime.

More info to come 

on this very

special handsome boy.


our Queens


We are thrilled that our beloved 

Halsey of Lisara Dolls 

is part of our cattery and family!

We call her MiaBella and

we love her dearly!

She is as sweet and loving

as she is beautiful.

She is from PL* Reflection lines
Her father Reflection Biscuit

Her mother Reflection Olivia


to see photos of her parents

She is a striking seal point bicolor with the most incredible blue eyes and gorgeous

long silky coat and

perfect head and ears.
She looks just like her handsome daddy.
And it was love at first sight

for me and her incredible father.

She is regal, delicate and gentle and so incredibly loving and sweet. 

As soon as she arrived,

even after a very long trip,

she snuggled into our arms

and into our hearts with

nothing but purrs.

She is an absolutely incredible Ragdoll.
We are forever grateful to Richard Cere

for making sure her long

journey was safe and loving.

She carries chocolate and dilute,

so with our Giovanni,

we will be able to bring seal,

blue, chocolate and lilac bicolor kittens

for our families.

We are so proud of her and so blessed to make her part of our Ragdoll family.

We send many thanks to Maartinkaa

of  Lisara Dolls for blessing us with this extraordinary young queen. 

We cherish her and we always will.




Eria Pro Delilah

Beautiful Delilah is a blue lynx bicolor and comes to us from Olga at Eria Pro.

Her parents are spectacular

and we expect lots of 

blue lynx bicolor babies

that will look very similar to them! With Gio's BIG blue

eyes added in of course!


Delilah's Mom

Eria Pro Novella


Delilah's Father

Eria Pro Walentino

of Constantina Cats



LuxuryDolls Dulce

Our young seal bicolor queen

Dulce is a stunning

seal bicolor from Galina

of LuxuryDolls.

We are over the moon to

have her join our family

and can't wait to see her littles.

Her mother's kittens

are very uniform with

no mismarks, each

one is gorgeous.

Hoping for the same

from our beautiful

young queen.


Dulce's Mother

LuxuryDolls Fialka


Dulce's Father



SteelCityDolls Gorgeous Godiva

Godiva is our home grown beauty and my KissieFace girl.

Daugher of Mia and Gio,

she's got the best

of her mom and her daddy

image_6487327 (1).JPG

Our retired Queens


Our recently retired Queen is

Heatherhill Ducky

...but I call her Pretty Momma!

She is a gorgeous and incredibly sweet seal lynx mitted.  She's three years old and still like a kitten.  Always rolling over for rubs and following me everywhere.  She has my whole heart! She likes to talk in a gentle little chirp and let me know she's always close behind. 

She's incredibly calm and laid back and this is showing in her current litter, as the kittens are just as relaxed and easy going as she is. Her babies are always BIG!!


She's an absolutely wonderful Momma, purring the whole time her babies nurse and never nervous or overprotective,

so her babies are very outgoing

and social just like she is!

She's got gorgeous deep blue eyes

and a silky coat with a lovely

heavy mane and thick fluffy tail.

We adore her and

I miss her every single day.

She now lives with one of our

absolute favorite families with her 

look-a-like son Angel.

As much as I wanted her here with

us forever, breeding and females

in heat and kittens running all

around can be chaotic and 

somewhat stressful for 

a retired mom.  I love her enough

to put her happiness

before my own and give her a

long peaceful life next to a lovely lake

where she is spoiled and

adored every single day and

so bonded with her beloved son.

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